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Reliable Printers and Stationery Ltd. It’s History in a nutshell 53 Years old and growing

The Dragon Press was founded in the year 1965. It was owned and operated at 49 Main Street in the town of Mandeville by my brother. He migrated and is now deceased. In 1970 we bought the business. It had an old Letter Press Machine and was told that it was owned and operated by Marcus Garvey in the earlier days but there was nothing to collaborate on that statement. We did not like its original name so we changed it to a name that is more associated with the business we are doing and called it Reliable Printers.

We remained at that location for a few more years and after our neighbor which was a school at 51 Main Street closed its doors, we then relocated to that address.

Ink and Toner Now on Sale

During my tenure as a tenant at this location, we suffered a disaster by Hurricane Gilbert on the12th of September 1988 and had lost a major part of our roof that housed the offices and other facilities but was fortunate to have most of our workshop and storeroom intact. We started to establish what was needed to start the business up and running in order to obtain funds to effect repairs to the areas that were damaged. During our planning our Member of Parliament for Manchester the Honorable John Junor was making his rounds on foot due to driving that was almost impossible because of debris on the streets because of the hurricane. He walked with me through the building and made notes. Before his departure, his words to me were “I will do my best to ensure that you get some work to assist with your loss.”  He shook my hand and left.

We can say he was true to his words from that day onwards. The words he used assured me that he was sincere about what was said.

In 1990 we re-located to 2 Bally Hooly Road offering the same Printing Service. In 1992 we decided to diversify our business so we added Stationery to our business and later added a Copy Center and a Rubber Stamp Department so as to keep our customers from having to travel around to get their jobs done. This location has a lot of space so we also added a Novelty Department. We recently added a Large Format Printing and Sign Business to the operation, this will allow us to bring more of the printing and sign business to our town.

 We are now a Toner Distributor:   Knowing your Distributor and quality products they deliver is key in making the right choice. We have been associated with this supplier for a number of years as a user of their products and had approached them in 2017 to be a re-seller. We now have their approval as a Distributor of their Compatible Toner Cartridges. We will continue to ensure that our customers get Quality service for less from our toners.

As you might already know most of the Original Products that we use are out of Mexico and China, just take a look at the consumables in your possession and you will be surprised to know that they originated from China, so no need to fear products from China if you are dealing with a reputable supplier. A Supplier who is knowledgeable about these products, their low cost, and their positive effects.  

We want to be that reputable supplier for you in Jamaica.


The quality of service and the prints is amazing. I do recommend your company to all of my friends and colleagues. Thanks for the prompt orders, you rock!

Amy Woodmark

Sales Assistant

It was nice working with you all! We have been ordering prints from your company since last year, and so far the experience is basically impeccable.

Kelly Simpson

Senior Manager

I just wanted to thank you for doing such a wonderful job on my recent photo order. Thank you for such a wonderful job and I will be ordering from you again.

Penny Lawrence

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